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D, Rescue as many as you can, and end the other-di mensional threat before it spreads to all of the Ire islands. Use this adventure when your par ty is ready for something very, very big. The fire will be immediately extinguished. If you drop the Skull or are killed, no one will ever even know where you died. Axes, knives, swords, pikes Nos anos seguintes a banda preparou outra demo tape e foi sondada pelo selo Banguela para um novo disco. In this folder is a file called pedstats. Dictionary vs. Destroy or banish it before it crosses the Green Sea Once every 40 years, a harvest of magical hops comes in. Organize os nós conforme mostrado abaixo. The treat is Charon himself, the all-powerful ferryman. Você também pode adicionar uma imagem de plano de fundo, se tiver uma, usando um nó Sprite.

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Strength and honor. If you drop the Skull or are killed, no one will ever even know where you died. Iron Hobb Guards: Target They wield enchanted blades. Find a way past them. A long corridor is trapped with a mechanical blade-machine. There must be a way. The Lonely Plinth: Target Find a way to the FAR exit.

Conclusion: Retrieving the relic, you pause in the shadows. The folk are desperate, and look to you as the hero foretold in stories. Kill the behemoth. Evade with a DEX Check.

Conclusion: The behemoth fallen, you collapse. You come to in a Xevos augment lab, surrounded by runic med-bots. Oh yeah, they have to roll higher than my Armor. Who tracks damage in this game anyway? Am I dead? What exactly does the garrison entrance look like? Is there a way to subdue the Behemoth without killing it? Who rolls for the monsters? Find or create the an swers, and have fun doing it! That is essence of every good night at the table with friends. Each of the four Primers includes places and adven tures.

What strikes you? The Norse throne is shared by three dire warlords, who rotate depending on tales and deeds each druidic year.

Even a lowly adventurer can sit as lord here, if his deeds be great. For that reason, only two discreet epochs have transpired: the Age of Serpents and the Age of the Falcon. The evil taint of the serpent was not gone, however, and none bore it more secretly and terribly than the Elves. Knowledge is the purview of the adventurer, not the scholar, and most kingdoms live in cloistered fear. What lore the Elves possess is hidden away behind dark magic. Onto this world you stride, hungry for peril and plunder, or driven with wrath and doom.

A thousand secrets await, but here are the rumors and tall tales we all know too well Fight past the deluded guards and confront it in the royal chambers. That place remains oc cupied to this day by a race of massive warriors and stoneworkers. The Primals they are called. The smallest of them stands 8 feet high, and they are reclusive as mountain dwarves.

Many Primals refuse to tread there, but Skurn the Brave will aid you. Rescue as many as you can, and end the other-di mensional threat before it spreads to all of the Ire islands. I imagine her being a loner forced into adventure to rescue her deep woods way of life.

What about Ire sounds interesting? They destroyed the Henge where my folk gather! Though you were just a girl, you took the ragged sword of a fallen savage, and laid them low. Too deep have they delved, and unearthed some terror of the underdark. This place was once the center of the Ser pent Kingdom, and few dare walk its soundless, paved causeways and blasphemous inhuman pyramids.

A hellish brood of them is growing in the ruins of Koab. Root them out and destroy them all. This chasm is an abyssal, sud den precipice with only one way ahead: a suspended bridge two wagons wide and a league in length.

They 48 Pursued by desert reavers, convince the chasm guard to let you pass, or go by force. Only with these can you cure the plague of Vampirism ravaging the farmlands near Gilhelm.


Gnomish thrill seekers have discovered a cavern entrance far down the wall of Grey Gorge. Find your way down, and dare the riches and peril within. Aphos was the grand, shining capital of that world.


Its marble-paved plazas and towering colonnades stood as a monument to all that could be achieved by plunder and slavery, as well as scholarship and magic. Many crystal keys hide in the perilous places of Alfheim. One such key is hidden on one of these ragged islands, worshiped by a sect of pygmy maniacs. Retrieve the key, and name your price. A lo cal seer has reporter a piece of this precious metal somewhere in the islands… Now, Aphos is a shadow of its former self. The rest lies under cerulean waves, sleep ing in haunted ruin.

Trade routes with Aphos must be kept open, and these stout sailors are the breed to do it. Solve the mystery, and se cure the sea lanes. Stop their demonic ritual before they open the inky portal in the sea caves of Durn.

The scribners are held hostage by a tribe of snakehaired demons in the ruins of Port Xanthipus. Magical pylons must be placed, but at no small peril among the Yuan-Ti of the Green La goons. A legendary gem called Orstophenes has been ru mored among the treasure hoard of Daedulus the Mad.

Dare his labyrinth and deliver the jewel to Queen Adea as tribute, or dare to harness its weird power for yourselves. The black clouds never part, and the sea is dark as pitch. Its mar ble balustrades and doric columns have long replaced the otherworldly obelisks of the serpent burg that stood before.

Here rules King Henryk the Hawk. Sent by the Allied Kings of Grey, your charge is dark indeed: cleanse this place once and for all. There is only one catch: King Strand of Grey is among the worshipers, and a dark royal conspiracy follows his steps to the waves.

On the way there, you and company are waylayed by all manner of rogue, who seem in the know about your royal employ.

What is afoot? Destroy it and its followers before it reaches full power. Rat catchers needed. Root out the evil! It is festooned with bizarre stone shapes and alien structures. None who dare go there return, and weird lights can be seen above its blocky crags from miles away. Olo is the village of Gwadan. Their cooks are heroes, their farmers are saints, and all that is good is good in the world knows a home there. One of them has managed to pierce the astral veil, and is lumbering out onto Xenos.

Destroy or banish it before it crosses the Green Sea Once every 40 years, a harvest of magical hops comes in. But this year, the casks have gone missing! End this to Duros. The feral witch-hunters from the Black Castle have roamed further than usual, and dared raze Gwa dan to a burning cinder.

This mountain of spears and armor could destroy a city if ignored. At the pinnacle of Siege Rock a black pool of goo has congealed over the centuries. Folk say to peer into it risks madness and foresight. Escort Kazghat the Hermit to this pool, as he must know the fate of the White Dragons. A Black Dragon called Ezrathrax has recently taken up its lair in the caves beneath Siege Rock, and claimed an army of the long-dead as its court.

Find a secret way in and end it. Ghosts howl on the wind, and none dare go there. For a handsome reward, seek out this machine of death, and retrieve it from the skeletal clutches of the Dead Army. Your guide is a half-mad hermit who despises the Dwarves, and seems to have some insidious end in mind for you all.

A thousand feet high and half as wide it stands as a monument to the glory days of Dwarves. The road there is guarded by a thousand Iradrum, and beyond lay all the wonders of the mountain halls. At its heart dwells the demon lord, called Manac by some, whose craven jaws ever hunger to devour the world. Delve into Rune-Home and repair one of the great pillars.

They have grown powerful of late, and threaten to overrun the undermountain. Find their source of might and aggression. It is a lonely, frozen place where evil rides the wind. The Hordes have established a beach head 6 leagues West of Dur Olo. Find a way to give chase, and rescue the townsfolk. Find his hideous ritual chamber, save her life, and end the blasphemous pact with death before all the cosmos is swallowed whole. There are starships to build, vast distances to cross, and tech nology to contend with.

Here life is made wise and good with eons, here the last hope of the universe is housed: The Warp Shells. They are organisms, phenomena, energy. Each Shell is raised with a crew of heroes at its helm.

They are one, the Shell and the Crew. Under the great and ancient monoliths of Xevos they are ordained, and blessed, made one and sent into space.

Their mission? You now stand at the helm of a Warp Shell, crewmates by your side. The cosmos has grown weird with age. Technology, magic, and biology have blurred.

The Im perium has crumbled, leaving a thousand thousand worlds leaderless, lawless, and at the mercy of The Devourer and its parasite races. What happened to its crew? One catch: a legion of Xill raiders have seized control of the moon, seeking to plunder the same crystal splinters.

These stories and ideas are here to give you grounding on Character Building. They were called The Imperium. Ruled by self-proclaimed Gods, and mighty with the blood of their conquered, they achieved much. Treasure seekers have disappeared seeking it, but not you Besides, how hard could it be with a holo-map hacked from a wrecked Imperial Freighter? In their height, The Imperium cloned and stored The Devourer. Now, a vast belt of rocky debris and mechanical wreckage spreads across the spaceways where once their core systems hovered.

Some say The Imperium is undefeated, rebuilding. Others claim their ghosts seek dire revenge, and gather their strength. A quiet night in the tavern is cut short when four Titans in Imperial power armor storm the place, announcing the return of Imperius Daerim, a brutal warlord believed dead for years. The patrons must Belt is considered suicide. When you arrive, your Warp Shell is already there, encased in a thousand years of rust and silence. Why has it brought you here? Wherever it goes only death remains in a visible stream of ruin across the cosmos.

It is a de bris cloud bigger than a galaxy, and can be seen from most worlds beyond the inner rings. It is called The Wake: an endless labyrinth of asteroids, broken moons and motes of the dead.

Several strange cultures have popped up in The Wake recently, but those who ven ture into its morass are never heard from again. What happened? You grew up in The Wake, clinging to a micro gravity asteroid and scraping a living on Duranium depos its.

It is one of their largest ships: Harbinger class. The thing is massive, riddled with passages, teeming with death. Why are they here? Suit up. It is a single, lonely Xill, barely alive. An envoy of Xill arrive on Xevos, with a banner of peace in hand.

This will seal an alliance that last centuries. Who will volunteer? They can even be interchange able. Try combining all the races, all the classes, all the worlds you can imagine!

Bound ing this safe haven is an immense, gaseous barrier of swirling helium and violent stellar storms. The call? It prom ises to destroy anything in its path. You are those heroes. Find the ship, get out alive, and convince her she wants to be rescued.

Also, a Xill carrier ship has recently anchored there, for reasons unknown. Why bother? Astra is some kind of newly discovered magic energy. Can it be used against The Devourer? Ravagers have swollen to terrible numbers on this hollow ice moon. Burn it to ash! To do this, you and your crew must undergo three epic trials in the zero-g forests. Use this adventure when your par ty is ready for something very, very big.

Swarms of power-ar mored zealots are storming the old shrines! You will go unseen, never stop improving, and dedicate yourself to bringing out the best in others. To do this, begin with an oath It starts in solitude, with pen and paper. Unleash your ideas and adventures without structure, limit, or intended results.

Sit with your journal and be honest, jot down anything and everything that pops into mind! You, as the GM, will set the tone, so be alert, brighteyed, and ready for anything!

Make this your well spring when it all goes wrong. This is the childmind, the limitless mind. Make this your workshop. You cringe when they fail, and cel Not only will you have a knack for recalling rules and ebrate when they soar! Never outshine them. Make this your before-session - reminder.

Be smart er. Use it for a dynamic, rich game built on countless sources! Make this your super power. ONLY create that remember that friendship, love, teamwork, and tomuch.

The rest will form organically. Be devious, use getherness are the reasons we play! Anything else, for nuance and detail. Name the roads, meet old family any reason, is simply unacceptable. World building is not done with the hand of God, it is done with the nibbling of worms. Make this your secret. Know how to use sight lines, avoid arbitrary details, abolish dead ends and nonsensical corridors.

Master the use of high arches, colossal pillars, and assumed symmetry to give your places intelligence and reality.

Make this your never ending homework. Make this the real reason they come to play. A thing of nightmare. A de vious, intelligent, merciless doom-bringer. The players see in those eyes a thousand deaths, each darker than the last, and this fear drives them.

It will bring out their own brilliance, their own will to survive. You are the brutal teacher. Revel in sadness, be sen- perils, and even more triumphs. You are a Game Master. You will appeal to the humanity of your players, not just their treasure hoards.


Make this your vow. Add a few twists to this rudimentary formula, and you have an adventure on your hands!

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The diagram below is a conceptual map of a one-shot adventure. They seek the lost crown. This shows you what players will be good at the evening and which ones will struggle.

The target is 12 right now. This means you reach out to that big Target D20, and change it to a higher number! Do this when they move to the next encounter, the weather blasts in, or an ene my casts a massive area spell. The two of you work together. Target is 12 so you just have to beat a 9. Targets above 16 can be very challenging, even for powerful characters.

Keep your biggest D20 mal. In these cases, ty. Players are always wondering how much damage use a three-part system to speed things up: they have to do. When and when not to reveal that becomes a muddy decision for a GM. Here are a few examples when to go for it. The GM represents environmen tal hazards and monsters, and rolls for those on her turn.

This is worth doing, because if the GM wins that roll, things can get crazy quickly. Finally, players can use the clockwise turn order strate gically. If the group wants to change the order, they can get up and rearrange! Just let the turn order breathe a bit when players are having fun. These are deeds of legend, and they must be rewarded!

Award Hero Coins per ses sion, per player. You can simply assign a Milestone Reward, or allow the player to choose from her class list Either way, a player should be earning one of these rewards every other session or so. There are a few types to consider bringing to YOUR table: by 1.

If they succeed, re set the die to 1. If they fail, roll the dreaded Spell Burn die. To encour age and enrich this ignominious duty, you can use the Dog Pile dice. If successful, they heal 6 Hit Points. If they fail, simply reset the die.


For each missed roll, the dice is increased by 1. It then resets to 1. For extra ribly. Oh, cursed life! They cast over and over, and it can make the game feel odd or transparent. Even if days are passing, player stay in turns. Are you nuts? Roll a D6, and throw out a 1.

Just like that? It is a blast. When paign working out for everyone? Is anything missing that should be added in fu ture games? Is that cool new breath weapon mechan ic just bonkers? Open it all up, have a taco, and let fellowship be. Group your monsters into classes of 10, 20, or 30 HP in your notes.

This adds a layer of math that can be cumbersome. By adding a damage-like mechanic to non-combat rolls, you can get the fun of prying open a gate or decoding ancient runes with rolls. Place this number in clear sight, even when playing online, to keep play moving. Consoli- they used to count squares. For a gentle start here, try only with weapons, grouping them into 1D8, 2D8, and 3D8 classes. It is the art of the session. So many sessions begin and end with safety.

You come to in the dank cages of some under ground realm. King Henryk calls for your heroic aid.

muma - Translation into English - examples Portuguese | Reverso Context

Just as you arrive, heralded by trumpets, he drops dead. A pastoral town awakes to roosters and breakfasts, then is swallowed whole by a massive chasm.

As the Warp Shell is triumphantly launched from Xevos 1, the planets rips into pieces from some un - get you moving.


Was it even real? If you improv too much though, the sense of fairness and triumph can fall apart. Use the easy rule of thumb ONLY to im prov details and twists. Be sure all the big pieces are in your notes. Use it as part of prep.

Here are a few tools to help. A starship? What are all those crazy arrows on 4, 5, 6, and 7?! No problem, just move the airlock back a notch and so on. Some very odd things happened! Corridors as my big ending? What the? What does that odd lever do? Find that inner voice that lets you do anything, for any reason! Remember the Oath: You are everything, and nothing. You need scenarios Every single encounter you create needs three things: and layouts you can put to use at the table, not just Danger, Energy, and Wonder.

Danger is not death. Danger is the terrible, terrible consequences if they should FAIL. They conquer all the encounter, and fear nothing. You will break that trend. Villages will fall to famine and death without their help, the innocent will burn, souls will be damned, and all they dreamed of will not only be lost, but eradicated from history. Each room you design will have a beginning and a goal. If that goal is not reached, death will be the very least of their problems. An Encounter is a scene, or chunk of gameplay, that plays out in one space or connected spaces, to form challenges for player progress.

Do not let rooms to challenge and terrify your beloved players. Ensure that your encounters have sustained energy by keeping your notes brief and easyto recall. Keep eyes and ears right there with you. Make it intense. This is the most challenging area for the GM to create.

Colossal objects in space, dizzying pits in Hell, seas of monsters or scenes of abject terror writ large! Whatever your scene, take one piece and turn it to The easiest way to do this, all that hugeness aside, is with the creatures they encounter.

And he will be the hinge, so to speak, in a series of left obliques. Eles querem muma guerra? They want a war? Eu sirvo muma casa desde os 14 anos. I've been serving in a house since I was Estamos todos encarcerados muma armadura sónica, armados com granadas desenhadas a cores.

We're all encased in sonic armour belting' out through chrome grenades. How, in a society that is committed to the rights of dissent , is the distinction between right and wrong, and true and false, to be made? Or browse results titled :.

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From the distant lands of southern Brazil, Warkrust is a massive sound raw aggression d-beat crust. Formed from the ruins of bands such as Disträto, Barulho Ensurdecedor and Chaka, the 4 members blend their sonic influences to create a unique, heavy, fast, loud, aggressive sound. With a negative and apocalyptic theme, Warkrust doesn't have a positive message for you. Listen at maximum volume. Streaming and Download help. Polish noise-crust outfit eschews the big Tragedy-esque riffs still popular with their US counterparts for scratchy claustrophobia.

Bandcamp Album of the Day Feb 6, The frantic and furious punk rock from this Sheffield band sounds like 7, motorcycles barreling down an empty highway. Healing rage for a society built broken. Keep loving, keep fighting.